Initiative History

The Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) is one pillar of a U.S. security strategy focused on citizen safety throughout the Caribbean. CBSI brings members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Dominican Republic together to collaborate on regional security with the United States as a partner. The United States is making a significant contribution to CBSI, committing $437 million in funding since 2010.

The United States and Caribbean countries have identified three core objectives to deal with the threats facing the Caribbean:
  • Substantially Reduce Illicit Trafficking through programs ranging from counter-narcotics to reducing the flow of illegal arms/light weapons. 
  • Increase Public Safety and Security through programs ranging from professionalizing law enforcement institutions through technical assistance and training, to improving rule of law by supporting the development of the justice sector. 
  • Promote Social Justice through crime prevention activities in targeted communities, police and justice sector reform, anti- corruption programs, and increased educational, economic and social opportunities for at-risk youth.
The Caribbean Police Academy Regional Training Initiative is one of many programs offered under CBSI.  Launched in October 2012, the Initiative has created the CBSI-Connect Learning Management System, installed classroom multimedia equipment in 18 participating institutions, provided training and support to hundreds of law enforcement personnel, and saved the region an estimated $2.8 Million dollars (US) in travel and per-diem expenses.

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The CBSI-Connect project is wholly funded by the American people under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), a partnership between the United States and Caribbean nations working together to reduce illicit trafficking, increase public safety, and promote social justice.